domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Michael Durocher - Introduction /Fort McMurray- CANADA

I have watch Jose grow as a wonderful technician and full repairman in the field of musical instrument repair.  It is an honor for me to join his blog and contribute.

I am from Canada living in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in a city named Fort McMurray.For the last 15 years I have been the developer and instructor of the Musical instrument Repair program that ran there until May 4th , 2012.  A shift in college thinking and direction ended the fine arts programming at Keyano College.

I will be able to contribute many videos and articles regarding instrument repair with great detail.  Stay tuned!

Jose is a person that I have followed as his keen interest and use of tools has been an inspiration to many of us here in Canada and the USA. I believe his public (clients) are very lucky to have such a ddedicated and gifted repairman.

Profesor universidad keyano College y profesor instructor de NAPBIRT

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  1. Usted a sido para mí uno de mis mejores profesores, yo e aprendido mucho de usted durante todos estos años, usted a colaborado con NAPBIRT como profesor en varias ocasiones y nos a instruido siempre muy favorablemente.

    Se que usted va a ser un buen colaborador de mi blog, de mi web y claro esta en todo lo demás, siempre que le necesito está ahí.

    Es para mí un verdadero orgullo contar siempre con su entrega conmigo y para todo.

    Gracias siempre por estar ahí.

    Jose Sales


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