domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

You can't teach a feel... Mark Kasten/ New York

I am one of the lucky ones, I have been making a living with my art for last 30 years.  You can't teach a feel, You have to be born with it. And you have to recognize it when your around it.
Jose is an artisan telling a story with his tools, as you can see from his pictures of his restorations.
To me, being a "professional" is making a difficult job look easy!  As Jose does.
I took a bassoon repair class from Master Craftsman Chip Owen (Fox Products) And said "A good repair does not jump up and down and say I've been repaired" As you can see in Jose restorations.
Thank you Jose for this forum and talking the time to share your work with others.
Your repair work is an inspiration to all brass and woodwind players.
Keep up the great work.


Looking forward seeing and reading more post's from "Woodwind Artisan" Jose Sales.

What I enjoy most about my art is that I can be a Master Craftsman and a Student all in the same day!

Técnico de viento-madera Buffet-Crampón

Técnico de clarinetes Backun

Vicepresidente en Weinermusic Inc.

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  1. Tu siempre estas ahí para todo y en el momento que sea, eres un gran especialista, tu trabajo es siempre bueno y siempre muy considerado.

    Gracias por tu amistad desde hace unos cuantos años, y por todo lo que aportas a nuestra comunidad de técnicos.

    Saludos de Jose


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